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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

If you’re visiting this site, chances are you already know how valuable an ally Chinese medicine is in your fertility journey. If not, we provide a simple jumping off point to understand how it can benefit your fertility and optimize your chances of success.


Acupuncture has been used alongside traditional Chinese herbology for millenia to help normalize irregular menstrual cycles, reduce period pain caused by things like endometriosis and fibroids, minimize PMS, and promote fertility and pregnancy using traditional treatment principles such as ‘treat the root and the branch will follow’. Nothing happens in a vacuum, according to Chinese medicine. There’s a root to all of the above issues that can potentially stand in the way of conception. While there can be a fast and easy way around those roots (which is needed when time is of the essence), wherever it can, Chinese medicine seeks to directly address the root causes of symptoms, taking care of them once and for all and restoring the body to health.


Chinese herbalism works alongside acupuncture to speed up the healing process. Like an acupuncture treatment, herbs are individualized to that person’s unique constitution and symptoms. An acupuncturist will frequently adjust an herbal formula as the person’s symptoms improve. 


When it comes to fertility and pregnancy, many of the herbs used are selected for their anti-oxidant qualities, which ultimately might help the quality of eggs and sperm when taken over time. Some herbs also work to boost the body’s production of progesterone, while others work to improve and harmonize the quality of the blood reaching the uterus and ovaries.


Thanks to the tireless work of the fellows of the ABORM, there is a growing body of Western research which explains some of acupuncture’s mechanisms of action, particularly vis-à-vis fertility and menstrual regulation. Some of this work explains how acupuncture:


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