Yoga at Home

Conceiving Possibilities

Wherever you are in your family-building journey, Cosmos Qigong is a powerful ally to help you ground, center, and de-stress, all while promoting radiant health.

Just 20 minutes a day

Each six-week program is designed with qigong exercises that are simple to learn, yet highly powerful. Every week a new exercise or skill is taught to set your practice up for success.


Two 10-minute practice sessions a day pave the way to mental and emotional strength that will help you navigate anything.

What Makes Us Unique

FertiliQi combines the best of ancient and modern, East and West into powerful and effective Qigong courses.

Our courses blend skilled teaching and energy work together with an understanding of Chinese and Western reproductive physiology and medicine.


We know deeply the joys and sorrows, ups and downs, and challenges you face everyday. And we want you not just to succeed in your journey, but to thrive too. 

Mother and Baby