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Get the Mindful Help You Need

Nobody tells you what to do when things don't work as planned. When you're struggling with an infertility diagnosis, stress relieving skills are more important than ever. Imagine if you could incorporate the energy building skills of an acupuncture session with the calm and grounding of a meditation session. Now imagine it was all put together by a fertility expert who understands all the ups and downs that you're going through. That's what you get with Cosmos Qigong for IUI and IVF.

Here's what you get with this comprehensive Qigong Meditation course:

  • Weekly video lessons with easy to follow instructions

  • Guided audio meditations to strengthen the mind-body connection

  • ART cycle specific prompts to help you feel confident no matter what

  • Tips and tricks for a mindful practice you can use for the rest of your life

  • Chinese medicine guidance to achieve flowing health


 10 minutes a day to your confident cycle

Cosmos Qigong is designed to be highly effective with short daily practice sessions. Imagine being able to soothe the fear and anxiety of infertility with a simple practice that will help you get calm and grounded, no matter what.

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Fertility Meditation, designed for the 1 in 8

This is hard. Don't do it without support. Learn from an expert in the field who has helped thousands of people through their infertility struggles and understands exactly what you're going through.