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Wherever you are in your fertility journey, we have you covered. Explore our offerings and see how Cosmos Qigong Meditation can help you achieve radiant health while calming your heart and spirit during the TTC process. 


Start each week off with a detailed and easy-to-follow video lesson. Learn how every Qigong exercise benefits the body through the lens of Chinese Medicine.  Continue your practice throughout the week with guided audio practice sessions to help solidify your skills and get the most out of your practice. Use your site account to access your course content or download it to your device and go practice somewhere beautiful.

These courses are an awesome investment in your wellbeing both on their own and especially together with regular acupuncture treatment during your TTC journey.

Not quite ready to dive in yet? Check out our growing offering of free courses and resources to learn more about the magic of Chinese medicine, energy, and supplement support so you can get to thriving.