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Start each week off with a detailed and easy-to-follow video lesson. Learn how every Qigong exericse benefits the body through the lens of Chinese Medicine. 
Continue your practice throughout the week with guided audio practice sessions to help solidify your skills and get the most out of your practice. Use your site account to access your course content or download it to your device and go practice somewhere beautiful.
These courses are an awesome investment in your wellbeing both on their own and especially together with regular acupuncture treatment during your TTC journey.


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Perfect for anyone just getting started one their TTC journey, Cosmos Qigong for Family Building is a six-week course that teaches you how to build a Qigong practice from the ground up, with a focus on exercises and meditations that nourish reproductive health, according to Chinese medicine.


Each week, learn simple, but highly effective techniques with a detailed video lesson, then listen to our guided audio practice sessions to deepen your skills and start to feel amazing. Side effects might include better sleep, digestion, improved mood and concentration, and increased libido.

$124.99  USD

50% off through 12.31.21

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Sometimes everything works out hunky-dory. Sometimes it doesn’t. If you’re calling in reinforcements while you’re TTC, you know first-hand about that emotional rollercoaster, if you don’t already have a front row seat. Cosmos Qigong for IUI and IVF is a six-week program designed to help you feel grounded and centered during your ART cycle.


Follow along on our video lessons to learn handpicked Qigong exercises that help calm the heart and spirit, while promoting reproductive health according to Chinese medicine. Then use our daily guided audio practice sessions to help solidify what you’ve learned and let the power of the mind-body connection help you feel your best during your cycle.

$124.99  USD

50% off through 12.31.21

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