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Food is medicine. A healthy and well-balanced diet creates the fertile ground in which your garden can grow. FertiliQi is rooted within Chinese medicine, so remember that this section is built upon the principles of Chinese Medicine dietary therapy, and is written through that lens. 


While different foods benefit different people, a few common threads for everyone.


Ice is not nice. It is said in Chinese Medicine that the spleen (which is heavily involved in digestion in this modality) likes warmth and dislikes cold. Sorry. Ditch the ice. Equally (*ducks and covers), salads and smoothies work against our fertility goals. Why is this? Raw fruits and vegetables are okay in small amounts, but generally speaking, they are considered cold in nature and harder for our bodies to digest. Vegetables that are roasted, lightly blanched, or steamed are warmer in nature, and are closer to the internal temperatures in our bodies. What’s more is that because they are cooked or slightly cooked, the enzymatic reaction that breaks them down has already begun, making them easier for you to digest. When we’re trying to conceive, we’re also trying to create the warm environment internally that promotes pregnancy. Soups and stir-frys are our friends.