Just Another Fertility Blog?

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There are tons of blogs about fertility out there. What makes this one different?

This blog has been over five years in the making, so I’m overjoyed to finally be getting it off the ground. Whether you’re just beginning to think about having a family, or you’ve been trying for awhile, if you’ve spent any time searching the internet for advice, you already know that there’s a wealth of information out there. So much that maybe one more blog out in the ether isn’t really necessary. So, what makes this one different?

FertiliQi is a Chinese medicine focused system featuring Qigong meditation at its core. There are tons of experts, reproductive endocrinologists, naturopaths, and fertility nurse practitioners out there who are already doing great work as coaches, helping you to understand your fertility through the lens of Western medicine, and I’ll let them keep doing that awesome work. But for those of you who are curious about Chinese medicine, or who maybe have already added acupuncture and herbs into your fertility arsenal, it sometimes might seem like your acupuncturist is doing crazy voodoo that you just don’t understand- yet you keep going because it works and it feels good.

I want this blog to be a place to help you understand how we use Chinese medicine, of which Qigong meditation is a part, to optimize your fertility, as well as why some of these odd-sounding concepts are actually really important to balancing your hormones and energy while getting you from point A to parenthood. Because I’m a fertility specialist who not only practices acupuncture and teaches Qigong Meditation, but also works closely with Western medical fertility doctors, I want you to be able to understand these Eastern concepts as they relate to your Western medical treatment.

Thanks for stopping by, I can’t wait to share the wonders of Chinese medicine and Qigong meditation with you.

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