Meditation For People Who Hate to Meditate

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Is this you? Let's fix that

In my 20s, if you had told me that mindfulness would be at the core of my healing journey, I would’ve looked at you like you were crazy. The idea of trying to sit still and somehow magically clear my head of all the noisy swirling thoughts that made me anxious and depressed seemed impossible, if not outright ridiculous.

And yet, here I am now a firm believer in the power of meditation and living proof of its effectiveness. But it wasn’t because I sat on a mountaintop and willed the thoughts to go away. It was because I found a style of meditation more suited to my once chaotic brain, Qigong.

There are thousands of different mindful traditions, and different things work for different people. What makes Qigong unique compared to other styles of seated meditation is its use of movement combined with breathwork. Different exercises employ different movements to get your energy moving in specific parts of the body (check out this post to see how this is tied into your fertility through the Chinese medicine lens). While you move and breath, not only does your energy and circulation start flowing better, but the most astonishing thing happens- your mind quiets down. This simple act of gentle focus on an elegant movement, coordinated with your breath, causes that noisy swirl to settle down. I jokingly refer to this as giving your monkey mind a banana so it leaves you alone. In the classical Qigong texts, it is referred to as ‘focusing on the one to eliminate the many’. You emerge from your practice feeling calm, refreshed, and peaceful.

Infertility can create a pretty deep rabbit hole of anxious thoughts, which you know because you’re here reading this and likely seeking refuge from it. It can be really hard to sit down and settle in to meditate when you’re coordinating doctor’s appointments, medication deliveries, time off from work all while dodging pregnancy announcements and baby shower invites. Having a mindful practice that calms you down in a powerful and simple way without having to work hard at it is a saving grace, to put it mildly.

Is this you? Are you craving calm and clarity but the thought of sitting still makes you want to crawl out of your skin? Then check out my self-guided six-module courses. Your monkey mind will thank you.

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