The Bao Mai: An Acupuncture Channel for Fertility and Pregnancy

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The Bao Mai is an essential channel to use when nurturing fertility.

“So, what is this actually doing?”

I get this question a lot from my patients in the acupuncture clinic and I love answering it. After I’m done explaining about how Chinese medicine can help improve their egg quality and lining through enhancing the quality of the blood flow to the pelvic cavity, I take off my Western hat and turn back to how this medicine is fundamentally energetic in nature. I get to hold both in my hands- the science, and the energetic inexplicable. Then I start to talk about the acupuncture channels, how energy moves through them, and how that energy teaches their bodies to perform at their best.

If you come to me during your two-week wait, you’ll hear me talk a lot about one channel in particular- the Bao Mai. In Chinese, the word ‘Bao’ refers to any type of bag, sack, or wrapping. In this context, it refers to the uterus. The Bao Mai (‘Mai’ means channel) is the channel that links the heart to the uterus, running down the midline of the body. Through the Chinese medicine lens, we want this link to be open and full of flourishing energy in order for conception to take place. Using carefully selected acupuncture points, I send energy down from the heart to the uterus to try and help facilitate this incredible dance of life. I love, love, love using the Bao Mai during the implantation window.

I have a large fertility practice, so by extension, I also have a large pregnancy practice. I call on and support the energy of the Bao Mai throughout pregnancy too, whether that’s in the implantation window, a week or so post-IUI, immediately after embryo transfer, and all the way through to the arrival of baby. I’m constantly working to keep this precious channel open and the uterus warm and happy to hold a pregnancy.

With Qigong Meditation, we completely sidestep the use of needles to get this channel open and flowing. Cosmos Qigong, the style of Qigong I teach in my courses, takes in energy from the heavens all around us. As we build up that energy, it works its way through any channel blockages on its own, leaving everything smooth, open, and flowing. Our bodies are such wonderful vessels, and this age-old art gives us the tools to help us restore our health on our own, while helping us gain deep calm and clarity.

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