What Makes a FertiliQi Course Unique?

Fertiliqi woman holding her back qigong
Nourishing Kidneys is an example of a fertility-focused Qigong exercise

If you’re here reading this blog, you’re likely pursuing some kind of complementary medicine as part of your TTC journey, or at least thinking about it. Whether you’re trying on your own, or on your fifth IVF cycle, you’ve probably added something holistic into your treatment. From herbs, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, or all of the above, you dove into it because you feel like something is missing, and that you need something else.

Now that I’ve helped to explain energy and Qigong, there comes the bigger question of just what my Qigong Meditation courses do.

Remember that I’m an acupuncturist by trade, so this is the lens through which I diagnose and treat everything. Chinese medicine is full of these strange sounding patterns, or disharmonies, that talk about things like kidney deficiency, liver Qi stagnation, and blood stasis, to name a few. When I do an intake in the clinic, I get a comprehensive picture of just what is standing in the way of my patients and conception, and assign it one or more of these Chinese medicine patterns. While there are countless combinations of patterns, when it comes to infertility, a lot of the time it comes down to a handful of them that most fertility warriors are dealing with.

With my acupuncture patients, it then becomes a job of selecting the appropriate acupuncture points and herbs that will treat the imbalance and restore harmony to the body, creating a space where conception becomes easier.

Qigong exercises have evolved over millennia not just to get your energy flowing better, but also to address these specific imbalances I mentioned above: exercises to nourish the health of the kidneys, to move that stuck liver Qi that can make us so cranky, to help us digest our food better and take in more nutrients from it; the list just goes on.

From years of treating infertility in the clinic, I’ve chosen the exercises that are the most helpful for nourishing fertility through this diagnostic lens and those that address the specific challenges that anyone trying to get pregnant faces, from the emotional rollercoaster to medication side effects that can make you feel like you’re crawling out of your skin.

Full disclosure, I’m totally biased. I think Qigong is life-changing, since it rescued me from a living hell of depression. Watching my patients fight with everything they have to become parents, I want to do the greatest good for them that will get them there with grace, health, and vitality. Are you ready to start your Qigong journey? Head here to learn more about what this amazing art can do for you.

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